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Shawne Duperon is a six-time EMMY« award-winning TV producer and Ph.D. candidate in interpersonal communication with expertise in gossip. Shawne is out to change how we think about gossip and the media, and below are some of the topics she can discuss:


Good Gossip: Contrary to what many people think, only about 5 to 7 percent of what people consider gossip is malicious. Shawne gives examples of good gossip and tells why it is important to our culture.


Workplace Gossip: Shawne discusses how people can promote straight talk and discourage destructive gossip at work.


Our Media Prejudices: We have a love-hate relationship with media and it shows in how many people view and interact with media professionals. Shawne tells how changing our perceptions can influence what get from media.


Media Stereotypes: Shawne has worked extensively with multi-cultural groups fighting to change stereotypes in media. She discusses how stereotypes are a reflection of our culture and what can be done to change them.


Better Networking: Shawne teaches her fun, interactive program "Networking is for Neanderthals" across the country. She explains how "transforming our human condition of primal desperation" improves our ability to connect.


How to Forgive: Shawne is now working on a documentary on forgiveness. She tells what we can learn from others who have overcome tragedy to forgive.


Reciprocity: Shawne describes the "cycle of reciprocity" and what it means in our relationships with the media and with others.


Surviving and Thriving: Shawne, a survivor of incest, discusses how we can find empathy, power and forgiveness through traumatic life experiences.


Are You Camera Ready? Shawne draws on her almost 20 years experience in television to explain what it takes to be great on camera.

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