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After this Detroit Free Press media coverage http://on.freep.com/Hglq5F corporations are coming forward to support Shawne Duperon's grass-roots documentary, http://www.ProjectForgive.com

Both Shawne Duperon and Gary Weinstein have taken Landmark Education courses, where they both learned to forgive the unforgivable. Please see recent media coverage on this corporation and if you plan to use the logo or photo below, please email michelle@publicityresults.com or call 828.749.3200. Michelle Tennant is the publicist for Landmark Education. 

The Best Thing I Ever Bought; More Magazine Editor

Wall Street Journal: How to Fight and Stay Friends

Time Magazine: Change We Can (Almost) Believe In

New York Times Columnist Talks to Mom and Says "I Love You"

New York Times: Peace in the Martin Luther King Family

Download Landmark Education's Logo/Photos and see their online press kit 

Special social media intiatives are planned. Please see recent media coverage on this corporation and if you plan to use the logo below, please email michelle@publicityresults.com or call 828.749.3200 so Michelle can alert Empire Avenue's publicist.

Google Scoring and Empire Avenue Coverage

Empire Avenue Is Social Media Rocket Fuel

Brand Promotion with Empire Avenue

Download Empire Avenue's Logo  Empire Avenue Logo JPEG 

Shawne Duperon used this social media fund-raising tool. Please see the links below for more information and should you need a logo, please contact michelle@publicityresults.com or call 828.749.3200 so Michelle can put you in touch with Kickstarter's publicist.
More About Kickstarter

One Example of a Kickstarter Project http://www.ProjectForgive.com


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